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American Aberdeen
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Dunlouise Cortachy Boy
Dunlouise Cattle Baron
Dunlouise Commander Bond
Check out the Heritage Aberdeen Cattle genetics! These guys are creating a great line of cattle.
Aberdeen cattle are good nature, have a renowned carcass yield with nice marbled meat. 
Dunlouise Commander Bond - +86.36 (top 1%)

Dunlouise Cortachy Boy - +84.82 (top 1%) 

Dunlouise Jipsey Earl - +39.51 (top 2%)

This means daughters of these bulls are extremely feed and cost efficient.
"From data submitted by American Angus breeders, Dunlouise Jipsey Earl (Native Angus) is not only a Pathfinder Sire and high in milk production,
but also in the top 1% for calving ease and for heifer pregnancy rates. (AAA epds)”