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Senepol cattle are known for their tolerance of heat. These animals thrive in the warm summer months. USDA studies prove this and you can see it in pastures. 
On hot summer days, Senepol cattle will not seek the shade, but will continue to graze.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Senepol cattle are fertile, grow quickly and are vigorous and robust animals. Calves are born active and hardy. 
High weaning weights are typical of the Senepol. High performance as indicated by EPDs equal to superior production animals. 

Disease & Insect Resistancehave a greater immunity when compared to other beef breeds.
Gentle by nature, intelligent and easy to handle.
Great maternal skills 

 Do you have cattle  that can graze in  110+ degrees  like in this Texas Weather, or  Alabama,  Arizona, Florida, Georgia & Oklahoma perhaps even in Mexico. Research the Senepol breed and their crosses. You might find just what you need on your ranch. 

                Remember to think about getting some.... Senepol cattle genetics

Senepol x Squaremeater 
                    Senepol X Aberdeen Angus 
Big Red
de Jeniro
Texas Spur is offering  a great line Senepols to cross with your cattle.  This provides the genetics for the  cattle to tolerate the heat here in Texas. Not to mention, in  the South, Central and Western United States. Besides being an excellent cross for the people wanting black, they will throw black unless it carries a red gene. 
Lucy & Brut
Burtus (#84)
Tuff Boy
Tuff Boy is a super nice looking bull that is great for first time heifers! Sorry he already has a home.