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Senepol cattle: 
 Tolerance of heat. They tend have more grazing time in during the hot summer days. USDA studies prove this and you can see it in pastures.

Senepol cows are moderate in size and have excellent foraging ability. 
Ease of calving and calves. 

Gentle nature- very docile, developed after years of selective breeding.  allowing for easily handled cattle. 

​Excellent immunity to disease and other health issues. Ticks and parasite.

Bulls known for strong libidos.

Naturally polled

One big advantage is longevity, reducing herd replacement costs.
 Do you have cattle  that can graze in  110+ degrees  like in this Texas Weather, or  Alabama,  Arizona, Florida, Georgia & Oklahoma perhaps even in Mexico. Research the Senepol breed and their crosses. You might find just what you need on your ranch. 

                Remember to think about getting some.... Senepol cattle genetics

                    Senepol X Aberdeen Angus 
Big Red
Tuff Boy