American Aberdeen  offer......

       +   Excellent for Tender steaks!
       +   Premium Lowline genetics
       +   Champion Angus bloodlines
       +   Ideal for small acreage.
       +   Will finish out on grass alone
       +   Docile, easy to care for& easy handling
       +   Excellent mothers, easy calving & early maturing
       +   4-H  & FFA  projects

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            Evaristo Guerrero

We are located in Kerens,TX (Rural Shade).
If you have any questions please feel free to contact David or Barbara. 

Main Office location:
13017 Market Street RD 
Houston, TX 77015- 6003 

We are phasing out all American Aberdeen email addresses.

Contact number or E-Mail:

Phone: 281-460-5615


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