Texas Spur
Heritage  Aberdeen
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    Texas Spur Ranch was started in 2007. We have grown over the years while learning the cattle industry and what will work for us on our ranch located in Texas, as well as the surrounding areas. This is why we have chosen  Scottish Aberdeen Angus, Senepol and a few American Aberdeen cattle. "We are putting Native Aberdeen Heritage back in our beef cattle. "  In today’s health-conscious environment it makes sense to offer something great.  

Our primary objective is to provide consistency in the traits of our cattle. Heritage (Scottish) Aberdeen and our Senepols are designed for superior grass conversion which is great for the beef markets of today.  We have been using the Scottish Aberdeen cattle from Dunlouise Aberdeen Angus of Angus, Scotland. You really will see why the American Angus Cattlemen like this breed of cattle.

" ... Characteristics and exceptional rib eye area per hundred pounds of body weight which translates to very high yielding, high quality, high value beef carcasses."